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I was part of my local athletics club for many many years, did multiple competitions and won a few medals which I am very proud of. My most prized medal is the one from winning a 70km (43 miles-ish) cross-country skiing race in 2014, when i was only 18 years old. My second most prized trophy is for breaking my high school record in the sprinting category (only to be broken 2 years later by someone else, but I still get to keep the trophy anyway :D ).

I have been doing this kind of sport since the age of 13, training with an ex-national champion. Having this kind of person by my side to train me gave me even more motivation to keep going and train every day.

When I say I love this kind of sport, I mean it.

But today, all of this is over, and I probably wont pick it back again until something is done about it.

Last week, as my big surprise, we received an email that a new amendment was being voted in my country and our club will now follow those new measures. The fear I always had since USA voted in trans(women's) inclusivity in women's sport. It's the same as in the USA: now transwomen should be treated as women, and they are allowed to train and compete in the women's category, against us, biological females.

I am devastated by this news, I am devastated that my club decided to comply with this insanity and force us to accept it under the threat of disqualification.

I refuse to accept it, and this is why today, I have given my resignation letter and decided to quit the club for good and probably will never join another club and never do another competition.

I feel like a part of me was taken away, ripped away from me. Just for the sake of not hurting the feelings of one person in our club, all of us have to suffer. What about our feelings? Don't they care about those?

This feels like, you know, when you are back in school, one person does something and the whole class gets punished for it. It feels exactly like that, that we are all being punished for someone else's bullshit. I want to destroy my whole home gym in a rage.


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