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I was queueing up with my 12-year-old daughter to use the toilet and there was a man in front of us. He was very creepy looking, shoulder length hair and wearing a dirty man's tracksuit. He was smirking and looking pleased with himself. The woman in front of him said "this is a woman's toilet" and he replied "I'm trans feminine" as if that settled the matter. I had a very uncomfortable feeling about him but it was clear none of us were willing to confront him - he was much bigger than any of us. I also didn't want to embarrass my daughter or make her feel nervous. So I said to my daughter "let's use the disabled toilet".

A few years before I don't think this man would have felt so entitled to do this but now women are aware that pushing back against this might cause conflict. Women in public spaces will do almost anything to avoid conflict with men especially if they are on their own.


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