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My experience was fleeting but made me wonder about the females who put up with this behaviour on a constant basis. I attended an open political gathering that was meant to be about the history of feminism and anarchism. The organisers jumped too quickly into question time and what followed wasn't questions as such but long-winded comments (not unusual for these kinds of events I know) from MTFs about the awfulness of feminism and TERFs. This dragged on for some time, but nobody told them to get to the point and ask a question. Growing restless, I put my hand up and caught the attention of the panel, and then, finally it was my turn. I made a point of acknowledging the trans activists and asked about the positive history of feminism and anarchism. After all, the event was supposed to be about feminism and anarchism and as a non-anarchist that is what I was hoping to learn about. I wonder how many political meetings in which feminism and women are supposed to be the topics at hand are now being dominated by endless hand-wringing about gender identity. I also wonder how easy it would've been for me to feel free to ask a question seeking favourable responses about feminism if I was a member of the group that organised the event.


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