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I’m in the performing arts community. Lately, there have been a lot of discussions around the lack of “trans” and “non-binary” performers in the circus space, despite a few famous performers in my field from bygone eras being female impersonators and many young students coming up through the ranks identifying as trans or non-binary.

Because of this, the pendulum has swung hard and it’s nearly impossible to get a job if you were born a woman and identify as a woman unless you are a woman of color, and even then it’s performative diversity. Everyone is scrambling to prove how progressive and accepting they are. This seems to only affect women performers, as men have it just as easy as always to get jobs.

I’m already fighting hard in a specialized field for recognition, and now my pronouns are standing in the way of work, at least in my local community. It’s frustrating. Coaches are asking children as young as 6 about their pronouns and kids are feeling pressured to use “they/them” as opposed to “she/her” (it’s never the boys, you see) and honestly, it’s a bit much. Can’t kids just be kids without worrying about gender identity?

Why does my personal gender identity matter when auditioning when it should be my physical skill set and performance quality that matters?


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