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I have been a member of a female-only book club populated by women in their late 20s for about two years now (the second of those years was held virtually). About two months ago in-between books a new member joined, who was a very lithe person with long hair who had she/her listed next to the name on zoom. I didn't think much about it, assuming they were a female given that we all were, but then our group leader asked us to tell our pronouns. I was confused, but said she/her as everyone else did. The next meeting, it was announced that we were reading Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg. Upon diving into the book, I found that it talked about transgender females who identified as men. At the meeting after, I calmly expressed that I didn't feel comfortable talking about transgenders. The lithe person from before started getting very upset, and when their voice got louder I realized that he was a man. I told him that he shouldn't be in our book club as it was for females, and the rest of the members got angry at me too. Because of my difference in a opinion, I was kicked out of my book club which has given me so much support during the pandemic.


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