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I am a lesbian. I was using the dating app Hinge, and had selected to see / be seen by women only. There were many men listed as women, and I was trying to negotiate a way to signal clearly that as a lesbian I wasn't interested in matching with them. I added a picture of myself wearing a 'woman: adult human female' t-shirt, standing in front of a bookshelf packed with JK Rowling titles. And I added in one of my comments that I agree with Rowling about the importance of women-centred language, that it's women who have periods not 'people'. Hinge then banned me permanently. When I questioned this, they wrote "Your account has been removed due to the volume of violations you've received against your account by other members and/or our own independent determination". When I followed up, asking what people had been reporting me for, they replied "To protect members' privacy, we do not disclose the volume or content of reported violations. We understand that this policy may be frustrating but it's an important part of our efforts to keep Hinge safe. Please know that our decision has been carefully considered and is final." That was it.


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