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This is a story about being fearful in my workplace. About terminology. I'm a health care worker. I primarily work on labor and delivery unit where the ideology is creeping in with “pregnant people” terminology and “body feeding”. In a space where women are performing their most powerful and most vulnerable act, they can't even be women. And their beautiful, functioning bodies are reduced to that which cannot be named. And yet. What is the first question any person asks of a pregnant woman? What is the first announcement after birth?…." what is the sex of the baby". Research shows that children who know and can use correct anatomical terms for their bodies are less likely to be victims of sexual abuse and violence. Yet we are removing women and their body parts from healthcare discussions?! I am just stunned and pained. Now I have to choose Politically. The side that will protect my daughters’ reproductive rights? Or the side that will protect them from dangerous gender ideology (and maybe also their reproductive freedoms from puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sterilization).


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