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I went to a lesbian night club in Soho with my date (a woman). It felt really good to be able to be ourselves and not feel self conscious about expressing our sexuality and affection for one another. Occasionally, my date and I would kiss but I noticed that every time we kissed a transwoman was staring at us. “She” wasn’t talking to or interacting with anyone. “She” was just sitting alone in the middle of floor while we (women) were dancing and making out. I stopped kissing because I could see the transwoman was getting off watching us and it felt voyeuristic. Most of all “her” gaze resembled the seedy look men give women. I felt a combination of anger and other indescribable feelings including a sense of powerlessness. This was meant to be a safe space and it would have been if the creepy transwoman hadn’t been there. We shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable in our own spaces.


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