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A transwoman joined a Facebook page for mothers who had breastmilk supply issues that I was a part of. They talked about needing to experience pregnancy and birth. They had been taking hormones and wearing a fake pregnancy belly to experience something like pregnancy. They had a plans to use electrical stimulation to simulate labour pains. However, obviously there would be no baby at the end of this simulated labour and so they asked the women in this group to share their experience of pregnancy loss or stillbirth to help them to imagine this experience in their simulation. Some women (including some who had had their baby die) protested about this, saying that this was an inappropriate request. They were removed from the group. This transwoman induced lactation after the simulated labour and repeatedly stated that they would really love to have someone allow them to breastfeed their baby. This was all very disturbing and upsetting. It was not appropriate in my view for this person to be in the group and use the women there as a resource for their own purposes.


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