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As a teen I found a man watching me under a partition as I was naked, drying myself. By the time I dressed he had run away and escaped. After a while, I got over it and didn't think about it for decades. Last year, however, I was in the shower in my gym and a male face appeared under the door. I was shocked by my instinctive reaction. I couldn't breathe, my heart pounded, and my knees turned to jelly. All because it triggered the forgotten memory. It seems the body doesn't really forget. It turned out the male face was a kid of 6 or 7, but my body knew *instantly* it was male and reacted. I'm lucky really, I've never been raped. But I can't imagine the trauma of a rape victim encountering a male where they shouldn't be. Women need single-sex spaces. Every decent man knows that.


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