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Rape Crisis Scotland currently has at least one trans woman (biological male with no Gender Recognition Certificate) who manages a Rape Crisis Centre. There is a video of him laughing about how he obtained a position in a women’s single-sex organisation by deception.

When challenged on Twitter he put up a picture of an Indian goddess holding a decapitated head. Rape Crisis Scotland continues to employ him. I’m not sure how many other biological males who identify as women are being employed to work with female rape survivors. The CEO of Rape Crisis Scotland did not agree with an amendment to the Forensic Medical Bill which would allow women to pick the sex of a rape examiner.

This CEO of Rape Crisis Scotland felt the word ‘gender’ would suffice despite rape survivors stating it should be the sex of the examiner which should be in the legislation. Due to Rape Crisis Scotland prioritising men’s feelings over traumatised women’s legal rights I cannot use their service. I do not consent to sharing my rape story with a male and would not find it therapeutic to access support from a male regardless of how he identifies. It is my legal right to be able to access a women only service but this right has not been upheld by Rape Crisis Scotland.


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