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Here is a story that vividly illustrates why women and girls do not want men and boys in the bathrooms/toilets. I promise this story is 100% true.

I was 13-years-old and visiting an amusement park with my friend and both of our mothers. It was a hot summer day, and the park was very crowded. My friend was wearing white shorts.

My mom and I were walking behind my friend and her mom, and I suddenly saw blood on the back of my friend's shorts. I ran up to her to tell her. She was mortified.

We all scurried to the women's room, protecting her from view. When we got inside the women's room, my friend's mom told her to take off her shorts, which she did. Her mom scrubbed the shorts in the sink, while my friend stood there, sobbing.

While scrubbing out the shorts in the sink and listening to her daughter sob, my friend's mom tried to comfort her with these words: "Don't worry, honey, we're all women in here. We all know what you are going through."

Here's the thing. Even if you believe that a male person can be a woman (which I don't), even if you think TWAW (and I don't), that last sentence of my friend's mom's words make it obvious why we don't want males in our bathrooms.

No one born male can ever possibly have the slightest clue what it feels like to be a 13-year-old girl and starting a period in the middle of an amusement park while wearing white shorts. No one born male can ever know what my friend was going through.

If we compromise, even a little bit, no mother will ever be able to comfort her daughter in the way that the mom in this story comforted her daughter.

No mom will ever be able to say to her mortified, sobbing daughter, "Don't worry, honey. All of us in here know what you're going through."

[*Moderator's note: this is from a tweet thread by Kara Dansky @KDansky, 7th May 9.49am, which another Twitter user asked her to submit here, and I have reproduced with her permission].


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