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A revered, well-known trans ‘woman’; & often engaged public speaker on topics of gender and LGB health, made what I consider to be inappropriate (and high-risk behaviour) remarks online; which I called out. To then be, through my own actions labelled a TERF.

In the PVAW* field in which I have worked for over 35 years, I came under fire and wore the brunt of this label causing me great distress. (Since quit my job)

The Incident.

During Covid lockdown #1 in Naarm/Melbourne, this person stated on social media, that the two male dates that had been lined up that night, for sex, had cancelled due to their wives finding out. This trans woman (and social media friends) thought it was hilarious.

I felt compelled to remark, on the social media post that this behaviour was: disrespectful to these men’s wives, high risk during a Covid lockdown and the behaviour was exactly the type of stereotypical promiscuous behaviour of men (as opposed to women - referring to this person’s gender identity). The type of behaviours women have been fighting to challenge forever.

Needless to say, what transpired after this was not only this person’s wrath but then to be regarded by colleagues (those who knew) as a ‘transphobe’. Gender critical discussions are taboo in the PVAW and gender equity workforces. (* PVAW stands for Preventing Violence Against Women) #Melbourne #FreeSpeech #Misogyny


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