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Attended a female-only swimming session in a small pool in the Midlands. It was supervised by a young female lifeguard. There were three of us in the pool - myself and another female, and a person who was obviously male. The lifeguard said she was powerless to ask him to leave because of the Gender Recognition Act. She said she could not even remind him it was a female-only session as she might cause him offence. The other woman and I carried on swimming. He then began getting in our way and trying to touch us as we passed him. We both moved away. He then began openly masturbating in the pool. We got out only for him to follow us through the showers to the changing rooms. I locked myself in a cubicle, quickly changed and fled the pool. I never returned. I don't know at happened to the other swimmer. I made a complaint which the (male) manager rejected at first. Then some months later they emailed to say they weren't sure but they think they banned him, and offered me a refund. It was supposed to be a female-only swimming session. He obviously knew that. I was in the water less than 5 minutes before I had no choice but to leave.


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