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At the state election, my labour politician was handing out how-to-vote cards. I told him my problem and that I feared losing my job if I refused to dress trans-identifying men in female underwear and make-up. He said I would not lose my job and to talk to my employer about it. But I think it’s clear that people have lost their jobs, been cancelled and had derogatory things written about them when they have opposed LGBTQ issues. A human rights organisation told me it’s still illegal to fire someone for their religious or political beliefs and that those people would have gotten their jobs back again, but even if that’s true, they still had to go through the process of being sacked and are now working in an environment that mustn’t feel very welcoming. So, I feel this politician lied to me.

I sent an email to a federal politician. My email was passed onto another federal politician who passed it onto a department of health.

His reply said, "Your discomfort is due to the fact that you have had little to do with diverse gender identities. Transgender people are entitled to high-quality health care and by law, you have to give it to this person. It must be respectful, kind and caring and VALUED" (emphasise mine)."

The email I had sent had a link to an article written by an academic at an American University called ‘Transvestic Disorder.’ This article respectfully states that transgenderism has a sexual component, women are often coerced into the transgender person's behaviour and this hurts them.

In response to this article, I was told, "Transvestite is an outdated and derogatory term," so I shouldn't have used it.

The response went on to say:

“Older people grew up in a time when they had limited choices for gender expression outside the male/female gender binary. They knew if they didn't, they could be imprisoned or undergo attempted 'cures'. Repression of gender diversity was one of the few safe options for personal safety. Living out gender diversity late in life can be a liberation for older trans and gender diverse people. The late-life changes may also result in restrictions to gender expression by family members and service providers who hold binary views of gender and members of society who have difficulty adjusting to such changes. You are encouraged to consider participating in diversity training that your agency provides and imagine how you would like to be treated if you were in a similar situation. Thank you for writing on this matter. I hope this letter provides food for thought."

With other politicians and organisations, I had tried to get out of this situation on religious grounds but I was sent a copy of an anti-discrimination law to read and was told I must:

"Act with respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making in accordance with relevant laws and conventions."

I also contacted conservative right-wing groups who agreed my situation is wrong but haven't done anything about it. They haven't even written anything about it. They believe, of course, that we can't leave transgender people to (my words) die in their own blood.

Of course, we must give transgender people high-quality health care and treat them with care, kindness and respect, but I have read trans widow stories and it doesn’t sound like trans identifying men treat their wives and children with care, kindness and respect. It needs to be a two-way street. #NoSelfID #Australia


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