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Health care is a field where entering nude situations is part of the job. The media and activists state that nude situations require consent, and I know from working in health care for 17 years that this is true, that even in health care situations, consent is required by both parties before entering nude situations. Sometimes female patients refuse to be showered by male carers/nurses because they find that embarrassing. Also, some male nurses ask female nurses to insert urinary catheters into their female patient's vaginas because getting urinary catheters into the correct position is difficult and often requires multiple attempts. These multiple attempts can easily be mistaken for molestation. So, many male nurses refuse to insert urinary catheters into women.

Some male gynaecologists ask female nurses to be present when examining their patients because it's a situation that can easily be misread. Once a married, male patient was making sleazy comments to me. I asked a male carer to shower this man for me because I don’t enjoy that kind of behaviour, especially if the man is married. So, if patients and healthcare workers can opt-out of these situations, if they can find someone else to do it for them, why can't we opt out of dressing trans-identifying men or, at the very least, opt out of dressing them alone?

I know of a nursing home that asked for drag queen performers to come to their nursing home. The staff member who organised it seemed pro-transgenderism, so I don’t think it compromised this staff member’s comfort or values, but I’m thankful I wasn’t there that day because how do you pretend you're having a good time at a cross-dressing party when you know it’s a fetish and that your presence is giving the cross-dressers an extra kick? Nursing homes are not facilities. Nursing homes are homes. They are shared by people with diverse values and backgrounds. I wouldn’t like it if someone organised for drag queens to come to my home, so I wonder how the residents of this nursing home felt about it. #NoSelfID #Australia


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