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I was recently upset to be forced to use a unisex toilet at a cafe called Eden Espresso on Glenferrie Road, Malvern. In their wisdom they have locked the female toilet and made patrons use a shared toilet facility where the three cubicles are inside a bathroom together.

The insensitivity to women emotionally (and religiously) can only be explained by some 'woke' idea to follow gender fluidity by this restaurant and it is a terrible move for the wellbeing of women and children as far as I am concerned. As a person who has had a bad experience I do not feel safe or comfortable having men enter a toilet cubicle, and in fairness to the men, one of them indicated to me that he was incredibly uncomfortable too.

This cafe also has rear carpark access into the courtyard where the toilet is, and it is worth noting I have been followed by a creep before and sought refuge in this cafe.

Unless we speak loudly against this, every cafe and public toilet will be yet another place of risk for women and girls.


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