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I started a new sport a few years ago, taking up martial arts gym membership. There I struck up a friendship with the gym's top fighter. This guy had won lots of fights & seemed eager to support my new learning endeavour. He was a typical athlete in presentation, hegemonic & hyper masculine.

The relationship quickly moved from friendship to romantic. One day he intentionally punched me & I started crying asking " why"? He said it was because he was frustrated due to his gender identity confusion. I wanted to help & support him. I did not leave despite knowing it was a warning sign. I felt sorry for him & wanted to help. This was the beginning of many months domestic violence. The relationship culminated in stalking, sexual assault & non-lethal strangulation.

He eventually recieved a short prison term for his offending against me. I have PTSD as a result.

This person is a highly celebrated sports person, currently openly 'trans' & uses trans identity to control victims. Since leaving this relationship I have heard stories from a number of his victims, biological women. These women are plied with the same story as part of grooming for abuse.


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