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As someone who 5 years ago was attacked and sexually assaulted by a stranger (male) whilst alone, it changed me greatly, in that I no longer feel safe without a friend accompanying me. Until recently I was okay sharing/using spaces with trans women (Heck one of my friends is a trans woman, albeit post-op and up until 2 years ago I would have been on the side of the activists saying that they aren't a threat). That is until I had a rather badly passing trans woman, possibly transvestite, aggressively threaten me and my friend (same as mentioned above) in the toilets that they would "rape" us dumb bitches with their "lady dick", because we were in their "way"... This was despite there being enough room to manoeuvre around me and my friend who were washing our hands chatting about the film we had just seen. It brought back flashbacks to the man who had attacked me 3 years prior, and since I had not felt confident going into a changing room or bathroom without a friend or family member present. I'm not sure whether the individual in question would have assaulted me/us if my friend I was with hadn't made a snide comment that the individual wasn't the only one with a lady dick, here...


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