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A transgender MTF announced that he wanted to be referred to as Jane. He came to work in heels and makeup and other than being a little flamboyant, he still acted like a man and sounded like one. He was in a management role and the owners and HR held a meeting stating that we had to refer to him as she/her and that he was to start using the women's locker room to change into work attire. Our small group of actual women were told that if we were uncomfortable with him being in there, we could walk half a block and get changed in an entirely separate building which you would need a manager's pass to get into.

My problem was that I did not want him in the locker room. Even if he likes men, it made me highly uncomfortable. He had no right to be in there. It was his choice to change his body, but why was my choice to get undressed only around other women taken away from me? Not to mention his role as a manager meant that I feared retaliation if I were to begin dressing in another building. And why should I have to move bathrooms, waste the time walking 4 mins both ways because he says he's a 'she'?

I don't think it's right that transgender people can just say they are the opposite sex and then be able to use opposite sex bathrooms. Just because you believe you are a woman, does not make you one.


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