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Thank you for doing this. I live in London. The change rooms at my local lido (outdoor swimming pool) were redone at a cost of millions of pounds. A woman told me there was one trans woman making everyone uncomfortable in the changing rooms, and this was the council's solution, I guess, to all those horrible bigoted women who were uncomfortable with a transwoman gaping at them while they changed. This is one of the poorest boroughs in London.

In May I purchased a dress at H and M which was covered in semen. When I returned it the woman at the checkout knew exactly what it was and what had happened. “But that’s what we have to put up with these days, I guess,” she said.

Last spring for weeks a young man who was taking hormones to grow breasts (I know this because they were wearing only a white bra made out of T-Shirt material and you could see everything. It was obscene and in 45 years I have NEVER seen a woman dressed like that-- they were essentially topless) dressed as a woman, wearing a very short miniskirt flashed me his penis on multiple occasions when I was walking my young son home from school. He would often be sitting on a bench, right when the walled garden near my son’s school as flooded with children. I was always terrified my son would notice. I never told anyone , no police, not even friends— because I’m so terrified of the repercussions of being labelled a bigot.


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