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At my college in Michigan they let trans people tick the box of what sex they want to live with. They made this change after a trans-identified male lived in a female dorm with 3 women and there were no incidents. The reason the women didn't complain is because they didn't know he was trans. I think that women have a right to know that they're living with a male. They signed up to live in an all female dorm, and that's not what they got. This will surely cause complications in the future because future trans people that choose to room with the opposite sex might not pass, which will at least mean that the people they're living with will know what's going on and will have the opportunity to complain. Another problem is that the only way to avoid being roomed with a trans person is to tick the box that says you're "not LGBTQ+ friendly" which is a box gay people will not be ticking, leaving lesbians stuck living with men that fetishize them. This is going to limit the options of who gay people can be roomed with because people will say they're not LGBT friendly just to avoid living with the opposite sex.


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