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I'm worried that women's general tendancy and beliefs in caring for marinalized peoples, and in fighting for their own rights as the marginalized sex under patriarchy, is being turned in part against them since transwomens' rights are being pushed for full acceptance under law.

It's as if women are perceived as being uncaring, or worse still, as selfish and exclusionary female terriority defenders, if they have any legitimate worries, questions or concerns whatsoever about transwomens' rights impacting on their own rights, spaces or personhood in negative ways. How ironic.

If a man self-identifies as a woman, are biologically born females automatically supposed to accept this as part of what is generally understood as the shared experience of womanhood?

Why are transwomens' rights now also about women having to incorporate, or about women being pressured and forced to incorporate, the womanly identity belief of a man as if that belief were equated exactly with BEING a woman? I find transwomen's insistence that "they ARE women" horrifyingly aggressive and imposing, not simply a simple statement or assertition of self-identity.

There is concerted pressure on women by transgender activists and supporters to accept the belief that 'transwomen ARE women', to accept it as a reality and to do it as a gesture of womanly inclusiveness and care (i.e. our caring attributes being double-binded against us) as if to do so, it is assumed by ethics of inclusion, could have no possible negative impact on women. We are being pressured to accept, without objection, that some men are really women, as if that pressure couldn't possibly be an aggressive colonising assertion by a man toward women.


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