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I don't feel comfortable around my adult children anymore. Their hypervigilance around the superior rights of trans and non-binary people is suffocating. It is a form of coercive control where I am not allowed to voice my concerns for women's safe spaces. I must get their friends’ pronouns correct or be deemed disrespectful. I have been marched out of one of my adult children's homes for saying I am not a cis-woman, I am a woman. I am called difficult and hurtful for raising concerns about self-id and not wanting to share toilets with biological men. I am gaslit and condescended to that I need to get educated and told 'not all men have penises'. I am ignored in my home for saying women are suffering as a result of the trans lobby. I know if I state my opinions, I risk my children turning their backs on me. I am scared to be myself.

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