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In the past, I never had a problem with unisex changing rooms... usually people tend to mind their own business and go about their day. It wasn't until last year...I was in a unisex changing room trying on a couple of items when I heard a man moaning in the stall next to mine. I had no idea if he was staring at me through a peephole or if he was getting off at the thought of being in a mixed changing room...I don't know... but...the situation fucked with my mind! I am traumatized.... my paranoia and discomfort in unisex spaces has peaked an all-time high! You think that in these type of situations you'll know what to do...but you don't it catches you off guard and disturbs your entire spirit. I can't sleep at night knowing that men want access to female-only spaces. I wish they'd leave us alone.


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