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Last night at Sundaylicious in Melbourne (a nightclub for queer women) the toilets were all marked 'gender neutral' (i.e. mixed sex). As I walked out of a stall to the wash basin, someone groped my arse. I turned around to see who it was and a person who looked like a gay male smiled and pointed two fingers at his eyes and then at me. He quickly disappeared into a cubicle with his female friends. It all happened so quickly and I was so shocked it had that I didn't react quickly enough to call out his male entitlement over my body.

I want to stress, however, that the organisers at Sundaylicious are wonderful and that the rest of the evening was extremely positive. It's a great place for all queer women to come together and I met a couple of trans women there who were great. But there were a few male persons there, and most looked to me to be the gay male guests of lesbians/bi women. This is not my first experience of misogyny on part of gay men in lgbtiq spaces, but first time I've been groped in the bathrooms by one. And that is one of the problems with mixed-sex toilets.


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