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I was working behind the bar at a traditional pub and a tall, burly man walked in. He was dressed entirely like any bloke only he had on a skirt on top of his clothes. He asked to use the bathroom politely enough, so I agreed (against our policy I might add) even though he wasn't a customer. Once he got to the bathrooms he turned left to go to the ladies and I shouted after him to turn the other way. He replied he identifies as a woman so he will use the ladies. I said "uh, no you won't, it's the gents or nothing." He looked like he was going to argue but did as he was told. I had a strange feeling he was testing the waters to see if he could get away with it and I didn't see him again so I was happy I stood up to him. That incident was on a quiet afternoon but if I said yes, who knows, next one might have been a busy night with vulnerable ladies in the toilets too. Just got a weird vibe from him I guess...


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