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Staying at a small campsite with several other families with lots of children. Friendly, small place where we feel comfortable letting our children run around and go to the bathrooms (which are in sight) on their own. My daughter - 14 years old, oldest child in group - went to the ladies and when she came back told me there was a large trans woman in the ladies using the sink who would not let her pass when she asked and glared and smirked at her. The toilets were in a small vintage caravan, and there was a clear sign outside saying that (because of COVID, social distancing) only one person should be allowed in at a time and not to use the sink/mirror in the caravan but use the ones outside so others could use the toilet. My daughter went into the toilet stall (flimsy doors not to ceiling or floor), heard another person coming in to use the sink, and when she came out saw a large obviously male person. They were blocking her exit, much too close for COVID safety and would not move out of her way but continued to do hair and makeup at the sink for several minutes while my daughter waited very uncomfortable and frankly scared.

This is just one of many stories I have. Also involving schools, changing rooms, being forced to put my pronouns in work emails, etc.


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