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Over the past few years, online lesbian groups have started to adopt the 'inclusive' agenda. Meaning that lesbian groups are no longer women-only spaces. If you ask if men are permitted into the group, if they claim they are women, you are called a TERF and excluded. Actual lesbians excluded from lesbian spaces for asking this question! A similar thing has happened to online lesbian dating sites. Now if a male 'identifies' as female, and claims they are a lesbian, they are permitted to join and contact you. I have had at least five men, all dressed in skimpy underwear (clearly showing they are intact males) attempt to contact me, even though my profile clearly states I am only interested in dating single natal lesbian females. I get that some men want to 'identify' as transgender. But it is offensive they claim to be lesbians, appropriate our spaces and appear to be predatory males with a fetish.


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