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I want to keep this short, but that is difficult because there is so much to share...

The bullying tactics used by the trans lobby are intense and vile. They serve to silence any and all dissent and their tactics also serve as a warning to anyone else that is daring to consider speaking up against the trans-ideology industry. I have self-censored for almost two years due to overwhelming anxiety and stress caused by the knowledge of exactly what I might be "in for" if I dared to open my mouth - if I dared to even think for myself. I am a survivor of sexual and physical violence and suffer from CPTSD. The bullying tactics used by the trans lobby have made my mental health much poorer at times. Vicious bullies, they are.

I have watched legislation change to a point where my sex-based rights do not exist or are being overridden by protections for something that doesn't even exist - "gender identity." Some people just laugh and blow it off when women say that our rights are being diminished and obliterated, but that is the reality of what is occurring. Why don't more people care about what is happening?

I watch as women are consistently silenced and as trans-identified-males are routinely given priority, even in groups, spaces and places meant to be only for biological girls and women. Female is our sex, and "women" and "girls" are how we categorize minors and adults in our sex; the exact same way we categorize males with "boys" and "men."

Men were already prioritised within activist spaces, and now it is happening even more frequently and is more widespread - because they can say they are women. It is preposterous.

Girls and women deserve so much better than what we have always been handed from politicians and society. It is exhausting and so very disheartening to see so many people supporting the trans-ideology industry, even without the erosion of women's rights. What is happening to children and adolescents is unforgiveable.

I could go on and on about how men that say they are women are being treated better than, and being given priority over, biological women.

Listen to women.


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