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A male who claimed to be a woman joined a class I was teaching. He (I refuse to use preferred pronouns) was an ex-welder; short, built like a bullet. He disrupted every session and refused to interact with other students (female or male).

I had to extend the break times when the women discovered he was allowed to use their toilets - the women started going to the toilets in a different building. I consulted the college counsellors and was told he was to use the Ladies as he ‘felt’ he was a woman so was a woman. (When I, privately, tried to discuss his disruptive behaviour with him he immediately called me transphobic. HR became involved (I guess he told on me) but I had officially documented each occasion he had disrupted the sessions so it was taken no further. The fact I had constantly remonstrated with staff who said unkind things about him and ensured they used his preferred pronouns also helped.)

I was recently dismissed from my casual job in a national art gallery because I would not agree TWAW. Part of my role was safeguarding of children and the vulnerable. During a discussion I asked a colleague what should be done if I saw a man following a young girl into the ladies, as normally I would contact security. She said I should do nothing as if the man felt he was a woman it would upset him to challenge him. Our line manager supported this view.

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