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Lesbians are done with being 'kind'.

In the lead-up to International Gender Critical Day of Coming Out on December 19, New Zealand lesbian activist group LAVA (Lesbian Action for Visibility Aotearoa) launches its new website –

LAVA spokeswoman Hilary Oxley:

“We’re very excited to offer a platform that recognises and celebrates the importance and roles of lesbians - women who love women (adult human females).Lesbians no longer accept invisibility. We lead rich, rebellious and satisfying lives and our lesbian communities nourish and support us.

Lesbians – by our very being – enrich the humanity of the whole of society. That’s what the LAVA website aims to help maintain and develop further. Especially in light of a growing number of young lesbians who are being marginalised for their gender non-conformity and with nowhere else to go. New Zealand prides itself on caring about the marginalised, but right now, New Zealand is failing the most vulnerable women and girls, especially young lesbians.

We’re done with being quiet and kind. Our website will offer an exchange and organising platform for loud political activity, and aims to be a hub in the fight against homophobia and for woman-only spaces and lesbian visibility.”

LAVA is a large group of lesbians of all ages, living in New Zealand and overseas who are committed to working towards lesbian visibility and sex-based women’s rights.


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