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I was part of a closed menopause support group on Facebook. I joined it several years ago, looking for support, advice and validation for many of the frankly shocking symptoms of menopause, which women are seldom warned of in advance. It was a safe closed online space for women across the world to talk openly and honestly about their experiences and symptoms, or to ask questions and share advice.

Around a year or so ago, a member of the group announced that they were a transgender woman and had asked to join the group as they believed many of the symptoms suffered by biological women were also suffered by transgender women. They kindly asked if anyone objected. Many women spoke up in support, but not one woman objected. I know I wanted to but honestly felt I couldn't as I absolutely knew I would be hounded as a transphobe. It also felt like entrapment. I left the group shortly thereafter. I am sure many women did.

Whilst I have every sympathy with whatever symptoms transgender women experience as a result of their hormone treatment, to even suggest its the same as the symptoms a biological woman might experience in menopause is completely illogical and delusional. There are surely many online groups designed to support transgender women specifically. If the individual had been a transgender man, that I would have accepted without question for obvious reasons.


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