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I'm not sure if this information will be of value to others, but it has really impacted me.

I went to fill out a survey about England Rugby's transgender policy and found there was no category for my sex, only 'cis woman'. As such I had to write "woman" in the "other" category. I literally had to "other" myself to be included. I was bra-less, not wearing make-up, and in blue shorts and a black T-shirt when I was completing the survey - I'm not "cis" and I find the term insulting.

Another survey was regarding menstruation experiences for the group Share the Dignity. This survey included the categories 'male' and 'transgender woman'. I could not believe it. For a group who apparently cares about the menstrual needs of vulnerable women and girls, I was dumbfounded that they would entertain the notion that males menstruate, and also deal with consequent issues around menstruation such as heavy bleeding, taking time off work etc, etc.

As such I didn't complete the survey, and they lost information about my 33 years of menstruation (including difficulties in adolescence and with contraception).


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