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My daughters went to primary school in the UK. (We live in North America now) .

About 5 years ago, the head teacher in their UK school announced in an assembly to the children (without any communication to parents) that the girls' toilets were now non-gendered.

They said nothing at all about the boys' toilets.

Right after assembly, the first thing that happened was all the naughty boys stormed the girls toilets. En masse. And that’s how boys minds work. My daughters were horrified and didn’t use the toilet for the rest of the day, because they were worried boys would come in and try to peek at them. For good reason. The boys would have done that.

Men are just tall boys, who have not always matured and who, like those little boys, will just do it for the kick and go 'be naughty' in the girls' loos.


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