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Couple of years ago my mother and I used the ladies' loos at a motorway services in south wales. They were really busy - the queue was nearly out the door. In the midst of the bustle was a transwoman - clearly biologically male about 6'2, in his late 40s maybe early 50s with very broad shoulders, short blonde hair, wearing a skinnyfit pink tshirt, lipstick and jeans. From the queue I could see he was not waiting in line to use the loos but was standing outside cubicles waiting for women to go in and out, forcing them to brush past him. I think he saw I'd noticed him. When it was my turn he obstructed my access to a cubicle too. I politely said excuse me please, keeping my eyes down and he moved enough for me to brush past but then he waited outside and followed me to the sinks, staring me out the whole time like I had rumbled his game. I felt so unsafe even with my mom and all the other women there. I didn't see him leave the ladies toilets at all. Who knows how long he was in there. I'd have left if I could have held it or had anywhere else to go but I was heavily pregnant at the time.


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