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"We recently un-enrolled our daughter from a local private high school in the area due to bullying from a group of boys two years older than her. There were 8 boys involved who specifically targeted her as she refused to have sex with one of them in the unisex bathrooms. The school's response was to give these boys a warning not to do this again, even with screenshots showing they were not taking this seriously. These boys were barking at her as she walked by them in the school yard and detailing how she should leave the earth.

I am beyond thankful I have a daughter who uses me as a sounding board and divulges all of her worries with me. I have had her home with me licking her wounds until we can find another school

My message is for the mums whose babies may not feel comfortable giving them the complete rundown on every moment of their day. This school is allowing predatory behaviour with these disgusting boys to continue - if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. It hurts my heart that another girl is potentially being targeted by these boys and she can't find her way out. Research Dolly's Law and speak frequently to your girls about it. It will never change if we don't push to make it change".

[*Moderator's note: this is a third-party submission, sent in by someone from a mum's group on Facebook. That is why it is in quote marks. I have witnessed the original screenshot].


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