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I had a go at stand-up comedy a few years ago and had a lot of fun going to open mic comedy nights. There was one guy there that was extremely open about their kink being dressing up in women's clothing and that it was always a sex thing. I even went to their comedy shows a couple of times and they were pretty good. Then they 'transitioned' and started going by female pronouns (when all this was becoming popular).

At first I didn't have a second thought except 'good for them', but now this person is getting a lot of funding and publicity as a 'woman in comedy'. I stopped following them because frankly, I felt bad for the biological women I met doing comedy who never received that kind of credit for their work. I didn't do it for very long, but even I could observe how stand up comedy could be a bit of a 'boys club'.

Should female comedians transition to be men so that people will stop saying 'women aren't funny'?


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