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When I was about twelve years old, a female friend of our family took my sister and I to the swimming pool in the centre of town. The changing room was available to both sexes and there were rows of cubicles with doors and locks. After swimming, I was getting changed in one of the cubicles when I heard a sound above my head. I looked up and I saw a boy's face, he was looking down at my body. He quickly jumped down from the cubicle, shouting, "busted". I heard him laughing with a group of boys about what had happened. I felt really scared and violated and quickly got dressed. Looking back, I think that they were young lads and that this could have happened in any swimming pool with unisex changing rooms. There was nothing to protect me and there was nothing to stop them from behaving like that. Women and girls need separate spaces from men and boys. It enrages me how spaces are being made unisex without consulting anyone, or only considering the needs of certain groups.


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