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I was with my granddaughter (3 and a 1/2) at the public swimming pools getting changed in the female changing rooms when I heard a loud male voice coming from one of the cubicles. I said to the lady (in her 60's) getting changed next to me, there sounds to be a man in here. She said, oh the family rooms outside are probably being used so he's come in here. And I said, but this is a female space, I don't feel comfortable about this!

She finished getting dressed and told one of the life guards I wasn't comfortable with a man being in the changing area so the female life guard came in an knocked on the door and said to the person to use the family rooms. There was a very loud... GRRRRRRRR OK OK!

I finished getting changed and walked out and said to two life guards standing at the door, there's a man in there and it's a changing area for females and children! One said, yes, we will speak to him and we're really sorry about this.

I saw the lady in the foyer who'd spoken to the life guards and thanked her. She seemed quite amused by the whole incident and I said, that's supposed to be a safe female space! And she said, oh well it could have been a trans person.

What bothered me was - the person had walked passed two vacant family rooms and entered the female rooms to get changed - and they had talked constantly and loudly and if they'd spoken softly or not at all I would never have known they were there.


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