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I attended a course taught by a male lecturer dressed like a parody of a woman, not in professional clothing, but like a Barbie doll or something. The course was not about gender, but he ran a group discussion on male access to women's toilets and stood towering over a woman dressed in traditional modest Islamic clothing during the discussion, in a way that looked very dominating and threatening.

I stood up to him in a couple of minor ways when he was bullying the women in the class. On the break I was walking to the toilets in the next building, then turned and saw him grinning as he power-walked to catch up with me, clearly following me to the women's toilets. I changed direction and went to a much further away toilet instead.

He was glaring at me when I went back to the classroom and didn't let me speak when I raised my hand in group discussions. It was all obviously a sexualised power play to him, I felt both very uncomfortable and aware of how ridiculously childish the games he was playing were.


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