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In our regional city there is a space called the women's room and a group of women that use it. I was ostracized from the group and space when I suggested that we accept all women, even if they did not agree with trans ideology, or other feminist dogma. I am a feminist who thinks we should support all women and merely wanted to discuss this.

I no longer receive emails about events and I was silenced.... I am now too intimidated to share my views. The space closed down through lack of use, And no trans woman ever came to a meeting or event. The main objections (via email) came from a local university women's collective.... who never attended a meeting or event, and did not have any trans members! They said that we were not allowed to use the word uterus when preparing a pro-abortion action (red knitted uteruses :-) for local politicians. Sooo ridiculous and exclusionary.


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