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I met X in my freshman year at college.

I was a diehard feminist, self-educated over the internet and was of course supportive of trans women. (Granted, my support was theoretical since I never met one.)

I as a matter of course joined up with a radfem club in college, and was a tad surprised when I saw a tall, gangly, obviously male figure wearing tight yoga pants and a flowery skirt.

That was X.

He must have caught me staring, because he promptly sat down next to me, and after the meeting unprompted explained that he was lesbian.

That was the start of two semesters of low-key sexual harassment.

He would NOT take no for an answer, and anytime I tried to talk to others about it I was either met by embarrassed silence or “she’s a woman so she can’t sexually harass you”/“you must be understanding, trans people are under immense pressure”.

At the end of my freshman year, X was elected president of our feminist club. Everyone thought he was very brave and it was an important message to send.

(Well not everyone, but some things you don’t say out loud. Like, “why does a RadFem Club have a man for president?!”)

I quit the club this year after having realized over the summer that I felt MORE stifled and oppressed inside a feminist club than outside.


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