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It was advertised as a women’s dance. Being a Chillout (2019) event we thought it reasonable to expect mostly, if not all, lesbians at the dance. There were 4 individuals present who were clearly males trying to present themselves as women. It just spoilt the entire vibe. To top it off, of course they used the women’s toilet. We live in country Victoria and there is so little social stuff for lesbians. When we queried the presence of these trans-identified males (TIMs) at a women’s/lesbian dance we were told: “if they say they are women then they have to be allowed to attend”. The same thing happened at the Red Velvet Ball, TIMs came, only a few but it is just wrong. It has the same selfish tone as blokes who would sleaze on to lesbians in gay pubs. Their very presence is invasive and off-putting. It is all about them getting validation by intruding into lesbian spaces. It made us so angry and sad. Why can’t we just have one dance a year that is just for lesbians? You know, adult human females who are same-sex attracted. There is no respect.


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