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Although not space related, I wanted to share another example of how trans rights have displaces women's rights.

In my workplace, trans employees are able to access up to 10 weeks of additional medical leave for physical and mental health appointments relating to their transition. Meanwhile, women with fertility issues, endometriosis, breast cancer and those caring for disabled or chronically ill children receive no additional leave, and you'll find them using all their holiday leave to cover these appointments. Many also don't work full time because of such health concerns leading them to live in more financially challenged circumstances and, of course, earning less superannuation. My argument is that surely such leave should be open to anyone experiencing circumstances that jeopardise their physical or mental wellbeing, not just trans people.

Women have been fighting hard for equality for so long, and now it feels like there is a new challenger - although this time we can't call it out without being considered to be transphobic!


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