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Rita Panahi talking about the campus protests against this website on Sky News, 4th April 2021.

Rita Panahi talks to lawyer Katherine Deves about the second campus protest against this website, on Sky News, 3rd April 2021.

Rita Panahi & Claire Lehmann from Quillette discuss the backlash against the website (as part of a conversation about freedom of speech on campuses) on Sky News, 23rd March 2021.

Peta Credlin talks to the founder of the website about its purpose and the backlash it has received on Sky News, 26th February 2021.

Print media

Gluck, Genevieve. ''No Conflict, they said' - An interview with Holly Lawford-Smith', Feminist Current, 5th May 2021.

Delibasic, Suzan. 'Woman doused in water at University of Melbourne protest over 'transphobic' website', The Herald Sun, 6th April 2021.

Claire Lehmann. 'Open letters the latest weapon of bullies on campus', The Australian, 23rd March 2021.

Brendan O'Neill. 'The tyranny of 'lived experience', Spiked, 19th March 2021.

Bartosch, Jo. ‘The TERF war Down Under‘, Spiked, 3rd March 2021.


Kelly-Clark, Victoria., & Jom, Henry. ‘Australian Academic Says Women Are Afraid Of Being Labelled Transphobic For Standing Up For Themselves‘, The Epoch Times, 26th February 2021.


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Quinn, Karl. ‘‘Transphobic’ website puts Melbourne University academics at odds‘, Brisbane Times, 25th February 2021. [Also published in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, both 26th December 2021].


Spencer Case talks to the founder of the website about the website, the backlash against it, and the recent conversion therapy legislation introduced in Victoria, Australia. For Micro-Digressions, 14th April 2021.

Genevieve Gluck talks to the founder of the website about the website, its reception, and the legal situation for gender identity and sex-based rights in Victoria, Australia. For Women's Voices, 5th April 2021.

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