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*Moderator's note: We are not affiliated with any of these sites, but we support their work and recommend submitting your stories to them as well.

"If you are a woman and you stand up for women’s rights, in these times, there is a cost, even if you’re insulated by class or wealth, by skin colour, by having valued skills. Over the years, women have spoken out about the new guise of misogyny – trans activism – only for their stories to disappear into silence. ...What follows is a collection of accounts by women authors, journalists, thinkers, researchers, artists and filmmakers. Each woman describes the impact that trans activism, from the early 2010s to the present day, has had on her creativity, her voice and her ability to speak of her experience and her ideas."

"We would like to hear stories from gender critical university staff (academic and professional services) and students. What is it like to take a gender critical position in HE? What are your experiences of speaking out or keeping quiet? We'd like to know what has happened to you, what you've witnessed, and how it has made you feel".

"This website exists to give a space for lesbians to speak up. This website aims to collect direct lesbian experiences of male sexual violence and harassment against lesbians. This includes sexual violence and harassement by males who identify or call themselves lesbians or women (transwomen)".

"This Never Happens is a research archive." "[We post] stories about crimes committed by males who claim to be or pose as women". "Members may post articles, links, and brief fact-based descriptions of the incident. While we prefer sources that are national news outlets, local papers or public resources, we recognize that liberal and even mainstream media often downplay or fail to report on this issue. Thus, we also accept verifiable tweets, some right-wing news outlets and tabloids as sources if they are credible. ...This page is intended for public viewing and to be a resource to show people who tell women that this never happens".

"In Australian schools, why are some children being told they may have been ‘born in the wrong body? And why are they being told they can use drugs and surgery to ‘fix’ this ‘wrong body’?  Why is a child who suddenly ‘changes their gender’ being celebrated as if it’s an instant solution to feelings of unhappiness, and a guaranteed gateway to the perfect life? And why are parents and teachers being urged to support this change, and discouraged from exploring underlying problems? These concepts around gender are in no way based on science or evidence - they grew out of unproven academic theories that have crept into the education system via pressure from activists. And yet, unbelievably, schools are now promoting these ideas - ideas that differ wildly from the values and beliefs held by most parents and teachers. Here in Australia, the Victorian government has mandated that schoolchildren be subjected to harmful transgender ideology & erotic sexuality curriculums. These undermine the safety of students, the rights of parents and the dignity of the teaching profession.  This website is to collect testimonies from teachers and parents about the impacts of gender identity ideology in school."

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