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The ladies room at Yahava Coffee in Swan Valley, WA is no more. Now there are 3 separate all-gender inclusive toilets.

Last time I was there I needed to go, and as I waited a man walked out of the bathroom. The seat was down and urine was sprayed all over it.

I walked out revolted and waited for another toilet. Two more men vacated the two remaining toilets, so I ducked into the next one from the left and again, toilet seat down and more urine!

The last one was the same.

I hovered while gagging, as I really had to go.

I can’t explain exactly, but I felt so upset by this. The toilets there before this were neat and tidy.

What actual women benefit from this change?

Our places and privacy are being eroded. Women have periods, they need clean toilets and some dignity and privacy.

I will never go back there again.


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