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I am part of a new women’s masters Aussie rules footy competition and it was such a beautiful safe environment for older women to finally have the chance to play in.

Now we have transgender women wanting to join our competition. We finally had the chance to play footy on our own merit, and now this safe place is threatened by transgender women. We have had transgender women play in social matches and in every game they have dominated to the point where it has impacted the women who have played directly against them. Not only have they felt unable to be competitive, but they have felt more physically vulnerable.

I personally have taken one hit from a transgender woman attempting to tackle me and I literally felt like I had been hit by cement, a feeling I had never experienced while been tackled by a woman before.

If we were to be forced to allow transgender women to play in our footy competitions in the future I would certainly lose my feeling of safety on the playing field.

Can a transgender woman not start their own competition to make a level playing field for them?

Women have fought so hard to finally have a respectable platform for playing footy for it to be stripped away from us.


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