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I am a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have hirsutism and have to shave my face and chest daily, as people do not accept a woman with a beard. I do not believe in gender, as I believe it is inherently harmful to all women and girls, intersex people, homosexual and bisexual men. I have been told many times by uninformed people that this means I am either intersex, transgender or nonbinary. I am not. I have been told that I have more "privilege" than transgender women, despite the fact I am infertile, I have a serious endocrinological disorder, suffer from sex-based oppression etc. Because I am not gender-conforming, I have immense fear I will not be accepted when entering the bathroom that I have the right to enter. Every time I use a public bathroom I am on high alert. If gender did not exist, it wouldn't matter if I had hirsutism.


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